HR & Office


As HR & Office Manager, you will help us attract, engage and retain incredible people. Responsible for the charity’s talent and HR initiatives, you will lead on the talent development of our employees and all people policies.

Location: London
Contract type: permanent
Salary: £35,000 - 40,000
Hours: full-time; part-time; flexible
Deadline: 6th September 2019, 23:59
Application: email your CV and cover letter to

Stu DBS lanyard piccy.jpg

Hear from the team

Briefly introduce yourself. Hi everyone, I’m Stu. I love books and facts (I LOVE encyclopedias) and all things technology, which is just as well as I am the CTO.
What is your favourite thing about your role? I have the most wonderful privilege of working with a brilliant team, for a Charity that is making a difference and at the same time, changing children’s lives for the better. Not only that I am doing it in a job I love; you could say I have my dream job.
Who should apply to work at Bookmark? If you are driven, want to make a difference, love doing things differently, enjoy being part of the best team there is and like us, you want every child to read, you should come work with us.