Please provide two references below 

It would be great if you could give them a heads up that we will be in touch, as soon as you are able to. 

Please make sure:  
One of your referees is your current or most recent employer or deployer (in respect of volunteering).
That if you have ever worked or volunteered with children before, one of your referees is from the employer or deployer of this role.  

Haven’t worked or volunteered with children before? We also accept the following referees: 
A reference from another employer or deployer (in respect of volunteering). 
A reference from a member of staff at an educational institution that you knew individually e.g. a tutor from school, university or college.  

If you can’t provide a reference from an employer, deployer or educational institution, we will accept: 
A reference from someone of a professional standing e.g. a lawyer, doctor, police officer etc. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept references from a relative or someone writing a reference solely as a personal friend. Please provide professional rather than personal email addresses for your referees wherever possible. 


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