Our values

Our values matter

They support our vision, shape our culture and reflect what is most important to us.

We have heart

  • We care deeply about what we do; it is our driving force

  • We believe in the potential of all children and the power of communities to support them

  • We fuel our work with optimism and a positive energy, supporting each other through challenges and celebrating our achievements

We are curious

  • We are interested and constantly learning so that we can adapt to improve the support we provide

  • We ask questions and contribute outside of our specialties to develop great ideas

  • We have the courage to challenge the norm in search of a better alternative

We are a team

  • We work together with our volunteers, schools, partners and supporters

  • We embrace diversity and celebrate differing perspectives and backgrounds

  • We listen well and communicate clearly to seek understanding and achieve better outcomes

We act with integrity

  • We are trusted to always keep safeguarding at the heart of what we do

  • We are honest and open within our teams and across our communities

  • We are professional and hold the highest expectations of ourselves and one another

We make it happen

  • We work hard – and smart – to fulfil our promises and make an impact

  • We are proud of what we have achieved and we know there is always more to do

  • We each play an important role in Bookmark’s story and consider how our actions impact the charity’s vision