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We believe that organisations, philanthropists, and foundations have a key role to play in helping children build the futures they deserve. Bookmark is currently working in collaboration with partners such as GOTO Group, Independent Clinical Services and Purplebricks, to help children develop the reading skills they need to succeed, in school and beyond. With over 200,000 children (over 1 in 4) leaving primary school without being able to read to the expected standard, we are actively looking to expand our support so that we can reach as many children as possible.


We work with an inspiring network of corporate partners to create successful relationships that make a positive impact on the lives of children we support. Our engagement with organisations produces a mutually beneficial partnership, which fulfils the objectives of all. We align our shared values in order to generate impressive CSR efforts, whilst making a positive difference.

How you can get involved and inspire others:

  • Corporate volunteering - Increase employee engagement in the community, and promote wellness in the workplace. You can double your impact, making a donation to match your staff’s volunteer hours, or donate the cost of the safeguarding and training of employees who join Bookmark.

  • Sponsorship – Sponsor a local child for one or more Bookmark programmes, or sponsor a school in your community to provide Bookmark programmes providing one to one support.

  • Gifts in kind and pro-bono support – From book donations to cause related marketing, digital, or legal guidance, our corporate partners can support our efforts in a way tailored to their market strengths.

  • Donations – Directly fund Bookmark’s programmes to significantly increase the number of children supported. From original fundraising ideas, Charity of the Year, and corporate grants, we are happy to work with you in a way that aligns best with your values.


Like the children we support, we work with each of our partners in a way that works best for you. If you’re considering making a more significant donation, you will have a dedicated person who can help you through your giving journey here at Bookmark. We are committed to building personalised partnerships, bringing you closer to your giving, and keeping you updated on how your money is making a positive difference for the children we support. Donations play a pivotal role for the number of children we can support. For example, £50,000 could help Bookmark reach 500 more children, helping them develop the reading skills they need to succeed, in school and beyond.


The support of trusts and foundations is very important to us, allowing us to build sustainable programmes so that together we can increase impact. With a dedicated contact at Bookmark who will work with you personally, you will receive robust and constant feedback on how your grant is being used. Fantastic results from our programmes have proven children given one-to-one reading support can improve both their standard of and attitude towards reading.

The children we selected to work with the Bookmark reading volunteers really loved the sessions and were asking when the next session would be. Enthusiasm for reading definitely increased for all of the children. It is difficult to gauge improvement in reading skills in such a short time but anecdotally the children involved seem more willing to attempt word recognition and decode unknown words after the programme.” – Pilot School Headteacher

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Fundraising Executive